The Holy Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, came to us by the Jewish  people. The world, therefore, is indebted to the Jews because wherever these  Scriptures have come, they brought the blessings of light, joy, and peace.

Out of gratitude to the Jewish people for their gift of the Bible to us,  and in partial repayment of our debt, we desire to make the Holy Scriptures  available to every Jewish home. After many centuries of anti-Semitism, whatever  man says is suspect and inadequate. Therefore, we believe the only way we can  approach our Jewish friends is by giving them what has been given to us - The  Word of God.

In consequence, this Society was founded in 1940 with the aim of providing  Jewish people with a FREE copy of the Holy Scriptures in bilingual form i.e. in  Hebrew and the readers daily tongue. Since that time, over one million copies  have been given to Jewish people all over the world.

At first, the New Testament was produced in Hebrew and English. However,  as these Testaments were received by Jewish people, requests came for other  languages and the TNach (Old Testament). In response to this demand, the  Society now publishes the TNach in Hebrew alone and in Hebrew-English. The New  Testament is also published in eleven bilingual formats.

Since the beginning of the work, the Holy Scriptures have gone from our  offices to more than 100 countries where Jewish people live. Every day requests  are received either from or for Jewish people, and it is our pleasure to respond  by sending them the Word of God.

We believe the Word of God is indeed a lamp unto our feet and a light  unto our path. On this account, we have no hesitation in offering it to Jewish  people.

The sole ministry of this Society is to print and publish the Word of God;  nothing more can be done, and everything less than this is a waste of time and  energy. We are in existence by the grace of God to provide the bilingual Holy  Scriptures to every Jewish home throughout the world and without cost to the  recipient.

The work is prayerfully supported by people who have a sincere and genuine  love for Israel and the Jewish people. We call upon believers of the Lord Jesus  Christ everywhere, who also love His ancient and beloved people, to consider His  work amongst them through the free distribution of His Word. I have given them  Thy Word. Sanctify them through Thy truth: Thy Word is truth. (John 17:14,  17)

Every two months the Society publishes a magazine called the Lamp and  Light. In each issue a report is given on the latest news of the work. There  are two Bible studies, and at least two pages are taken up with letters we  receive from Jewish people or Christians seeking the Societys Scripture.

At the beginning of the year, a list of Jewish festivals is included, and  as conferences take place, reports are included. We also regularly publish  personal accounts of Jewish people who have become believers upon the Lord Jesus  Christ. If you wish to receive it, please contact our Head Office.

Holy Scriptures available:

  • TNach - Hebrew
  • TNach - Hebrew - English
  • TNach - Hebrew - Russian

New Testaments:

  • Hebrew - English
  • Hebrew - French
  • Hebrew - Spanish
  • Hebrew - Dutch
  • Hebrew - Portuguese
  • Hebrew - Arabic
  • Hebrew - Russian
  • Hebrew - Romanian
  • Hebrew - German
  • Hebrew - Yiddish
  • Hebrew - Hungarian

Bilingual Scripture booklets are available in the above languages and also  in Hebrew - Polish, Marathi, Greek, Amharic, and Hungarian. Bilingual leaflets  are available in Hebrew - English, French, and Spanish.

The Society has depots in: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada,  France, Holland, India, Israel, South Africa, Ukraine, and the U.S.A.

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